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Jun 10 2014

The Last Week with my Kids

I cannot believe that this is the last week I will be pulling my groups into my classroom! I have been taking things down off of the walls and it has just been so surreal…I can’t believe I am about to finish my first year of teaching! I will be moving to teaching Kindergarten next year! My very own classroom with my very own students. I am so ready to have my own whole group setting.
I am also very very ready for SUMMER! I am getting married on the 4th of July then going on my first ever cruise around the BRITISH ISLES! I have only been through Canada, so this is such an exciting out-of-country excursion. In just weeks I will be heading down to Battle Ground to stay through July 6th. When we return from our honeymoon I’ll probably stay down there for a little while longer. I…

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Sep 10 2013

Can I Get An Intervention?!

Hey internet, So, I have accepted a position at a local elementary school as an Primary Interventionist! I am so happy. I was starting to worry I would never be a teacher…I was in talks with a local university for a K-8 cert’ program if this year didn’t work out for me. Luckily, it did!…

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Jun 15 2012


Seattle-Tacoma TFA induction has been AMAZING this week! Meeting all of these wonderful, talented, smart and driven CMs has made this journey even more exciting. I have liked every person I have met, and I have been able to make a connection with them. Learning TFA stuff on a surface level this week has been…

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Jun 06 2012

West-E Preparation

Oh man I am having a hard time getting prepared for the West-E tests I am taking: Elementary Education and SpEd.  I am looking for all the free information I can find on the internet to prepare my own study guides, but I am worried it may not be enough. Each test costs $125.00, and…

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Jun 04 2012

Hello world!

I am so excited for Induction next week! :] Woo!

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